Emergency Response Services

One call to one number - 800.645.8265 - from anywhere across North America connects you to Clean Harbors' network of emergency response service centers.

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Emergency Response Services: Proven Leadership, Expansive Resources

Benefit from our full range of Emergency Response Services

Each year, Clean Harbors manages over three thousand environmental emergency responses or disaster recovery operations on land and water throughout North America. Whether it's a cleanup and removal of a single mercury bottle, a large-scale multiphase containment and clean-up of a coastal oil spill, or damage from a hurricane, companies and governmental agencies trust our expertise and technical knowledge to handle any emergency with the highest regard to the environment and health and safety.  We can also help you with emergency preparedness including guidance on emergency management, operations, planning, logistics, and finance and administration planning.

Typical Emergency Responses for Clean Harbors

  • Over-the-road incidents
  • Punctured lines
  • Tank overflows
  • Leaking drums
  • Saddle tank spills
  • Large pipeline ruptures
  • Biological and infectious materials
  • Ship groundings
  • Tanker truck rollovers
  • Facility releases
  • Hurricane, earthquake and storm damage 

Experience and Technical Knowledge

From immediate response and containment to cleanup operations, Clean Harbors provides the manpower and equipment, logistical support, ICS / NIMS integration, and operational oversight to manage any size environmental emergency.

Clean Harbors can rapidly deploy hundreds of experienced, 40-hour-trained and certified workers to meet the needs of any incident. Whatever the response requires, from Level C through Level A, we can handle a wide range of hazardous materials including oil, gasoline, chemical, PCBs and biological hazards.