Onsite Dewatering Services

Surface impoundments and storage tanks containing built up sludge can limit the effectiveness of your wastewater treatment system.  Clean Harbors can safely remove and process the sludge and reduce the volume of waste through the use of specialized dewatering and dredging equipment.  This results in improved efficiency of your wastewater treatment system and significant cost savings for you.  All our systems are mobile and allow for timely set up upon mobilization for small to large scale dewatering projects.

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Onsite Dewatering: Maximizing Tank and Treatment Systems Efficiency

Clean Harbors’ treatability labs in Houston, Texas and Edmonton, Alberta process representative samples of tank and surface impoundment waste and perform bench scale treatability studies to determine the most cost-effective chemistry and dewatering technology to manage your waste.  Our labs provide key waste characteristics that are integral to the preparation of a comprehensive proposal and successful job.

Wide Variety of Dredging and Dewatering Equipment

Selecting the correct dredging and dewatering equipment is paramount to a successful project.  Floating dredges utilize cable and winch conveyance system to systematically move across surface impoundments for precise waste removal operations.  With dredging capabilities up to 20 feet, waste can be pumped far distances to the dewatering system location.

Our dewatering equipment inventory contains high and low pressure recessed chamber presses.  Our belt press inventory is comprised of various belt sizes and manufacturers and includes skid mounted and mobile units.  Our dewatering fleet also include high production decanter centrifuges that allow for high volume, continuous processing.

Resource Recovery

Through the use of our mobile thermal treatment units, we are able to remove and recover many organic compounds that may be entrained in the waste.  These organics are vaporized, removed and re-condensed for return to our customer.  These units also dehydrate the processed waste, which dramatically reduces the amount of material for disposal.

Air Emission Compliance

Our team designs and presents vapor control plans which meet local, state, provincial and federal guidelines for air emissions, including robotic man-way cannon technology for tank cleaning and vapor recovering units to control air emissions.

Turnkey Service

Clean Harbors leverages its significant transportation and disposal assets to provide turnkey service for our customers.