Clean Harbors' Kodiak BAGTRACKERTM System is a real-time, command-and-control asset management tool. It enables geophysical line crews to systematically deploy equipment bags on a seismic program by helicopter and return later to retrieve the bags from their exact drop-off location.

Kodiak BAGTRACKERTM is the leading seismic-specific navigation system with two-way radio telemetry. BAGTRACKER provides real-time helicopter guidance when moving bags during the recording process, simplifying bag coordination and management. With asset management as sophisticated as this, you don’t have to worry about losing your equipment.


  • Two-way radio telemetry sends and receives mission information, providing real-time management by the field coordinator.
  • Kodiak office software allows for easy coordination of missions, recording, and tracking of deployed assets.
  • Helicopter integration allows for hands off automatic operation for pilots.
  • Software simultaneously alerts the coordinator on the ground and the pilot in the helicopter of any hazard or no-fly incursion.
  • Continuous logging of rover position can be used for effective equipment recovery and investigation.


  • Improves recording asset management by tracking all assets for effective recovery. Logged data captures the geographic location of deployed equipment. Equipment is always recovered and in a shorter amount of time.
  • Increases helicopter efficiency by improving coordination of helicopter operations. From the base computer, the coordinator can see movements of assets in real time, as well as send missions and messages to pilots.
  • Reduces pilot tasking by allowing the pilot to fly directly to the target using an on-board guidance screen. Voice radio communications are reduced, missions deploy equipment efficiently, and pilots can fly directly to marked waypoints.
  • Increases safety because the pilot can focus on operating the helicopter and hand off the equipment management to a dedicated equipment coordinator on the ground.
  • Enables pilot to remain within a project’s permit constraints. Aircraft exclusion areas― whether they are environmental, permit, or safety related―can be successfully and consistently avoided. Conflict avoidance is good for safety, productivity, and quality.

Full Support

Know where your equipment is, save time, and make the best use of expensive assets. Clean Harbors is here to support you.

  • 24/7 Help Line ensures someone will be available to assist you. For immediate support, call the help line at 866.232.5667. A technician can solve software and hardware issues, and help walk you through a process.
  • Classroom training and field support reduces downtime in the field. Training will enable the end user to use the system more effectively and reduce the number of technical issues. Training can be on demand, and our experts will even travel to your field or office location to ensure your crew is proficient in the use of the Kodiak BAGTRACKERTM.

Additional Services

Clean Harbors also provides a range of other integrated seismic and right-of-way services for efficiency resource discovery and site preparation, including:

  • Seismic surveying
  • Mulching/line clearing
  • Shot-hole drilling