Surface Rentals

Clean Harbors Surface Rentals are Your Defense against DowntimeTM.

Clean Harbors challenges the status quo by infusing reliability into everything we do.  And with our Peak PerformanceTM Surface Rentals, it's no different. We can improve your uptime by providing you with:

  • The industry’s most proactive equipment maintenance program
  • Progressive training & mentoring programs
  • Patented solids control technologies
  • Proven asset & personnel tracking systems

Well-maintained Equipment: Available When & Where You Need It

Through our Peak PerformanceTM proactive maintenance program, we track equipment utilization and maintain reliable records to significantly reduce downtime.
We don’t cut corners. We swap equipment from the field when needed to ensure our assets are maintained on time and on schedule. This consistent attention to equipment maintenance captures minor issues before they become major ones.
And, our well-delivered service infrastructure lets you keep on drilling. Our rental assets are available through strategically located service points throughout western Canada and the U.S. We stock extra parts on location, or consistently have parts available―always within a few hours' drive of our customers' locations―so that we can keep your drilling program on time & on budget

Well-trained Technicians: Improve Safety & Increase Efficiency

Good safety practices and good training go hand in hand. We test and evaluate our equipment before it is sent into the field, and we follow the same philosophy with our technicians.
Our thorough, competency-based training program trains our technicians on every aspect of equipment operations, repair, and how to make the right calls in the field. Before we let our technicians anywhere near your operations unsupervised, they've gone through more than just computer training. They've spent weeks in our maintenance shops. They've spent time 'shadowing' and being mentored by an experienced and committed trainer or technician. And, they've completed skills for verification sign offs on the equipment on which they are working.
When our technicians are on the job, they are dedicated to ensuring that all of your surface rental equipment is set up, operated and maintained in Peak PerformanceTM condition.

Well-documented Processes: Provide Real-Time Data in the Field

We keep our assets on time and on track. To provide more transparency for our customers and more efficiency for us, we launched a tablet-enabled tracking system that gives field technicians everything they need at their fingertips. This industry-leading system includes information such as:

  • Comprehensive inspection checklists
  • Safety reporting system
  • Online learning