Solids Control

Clean Harbors is a solids control service provider― not just a company that rents solids control equipment. While you focus on your overall drilling program, we can cost-effectively manage your solids control by:

  • Minimizing your drilling waste that requires disposal
  • Maximizing the amount of drilling fluid that can be recycled & reused in the drilling process
  • Increasing your drilling uptime

Your Comprehensive Solids Control Provider

With a fleet of centrifuges in numerous sizes and capacities, fluid management systems, and a large suite of additional equipment required for drilling operations, we  provide a range of solids control solutions. And, once we have separated the drill cuttings from the drilling fluid, we have a variety of programs to help you manage and dispose of the waste―safely, efficiently and always in complete compliance. Our extensive network of both company-owned and third-party waste treatment and disposal capabilities help you reduce liability and obtain the best value. Work with Clean Harbors to minimize the number of service companies on your rig site, work through one point of contact, and reduce your logistical challenges.

Centrifuge Fleet: Wide Range of Sizes & Flow Capacities

Our centrifuges, when combined with our patented auger tanks, make up our closed-loop drilling system ―resulting in true, measureable cost savings for customers as well as maintaining good environmental drilling practices:

  • Decrease drilling costs and waste volumes
  • Optimized for maximum solids control and barite recovery
  • Provide sufficient spare capacity within operations for quick change out if breakdown occurs

Our centrifuge fleet provides flexibility to meet the needs of the application and can also be combined with any of our auxiliary equipment for additional efficiency.

Drilling Fluid Management Systems: Patented & Proven

Clean Harbors provides drilling fluid management systems to manage all well bore fluids used for drilling or completions. Our Peak Performance™ auger tank is a patented process that has been field proven to be the ultimate for closed looped, sumpless drilling applications. This system is best applied with water-based fluids.

The Drilling Fluid Recovery System (DFRS) allows for cost savings to the operator by recovering valuable oil-based fluids. Additionally, it reduces waste and minimizes transportation and volume of disposal.

Surface Rental Equipment: Durability & Reliability

We have the right resources and the right equipment for working at your rig site. We also bring added reliability through strict turnaround inspections to ensure that all of our equipment is in good and safe working order when it arrives on your site.

Tanks & Tank Farms

  • Premix, surface, poly, floc & barite recovery tanks
  • Invert tank farms with secondary containment, tanks (agitated if needed), hoses/manifolds, pumps, line crossings & fire extinguishers
  • Flare tanks
  • Boiler blowdown tanks
  • 400 bbl upright tanks

Fluid & Vacuum Systems

  • Drilling fluid recovery systems to maximize invert fluid recovery
  • Invert vacuum systems for cleanup
  • Pumps for moving drilling fluids


  • Generators
  • Shale bins
  • Rig mats

Solids Control Maintenance & Service

Our equipment is only part of the value we provide. We deliver peak performance at your rig site through our:

Peak Performance™ Maintenance Program

Clean Harbors’ proactive maintenance program significantly reduces equipment failures through well-maintained equipment. By maintaining detailed and reliable records on hours of operation and operating conditions, we are able to schedule equipment for maintenance before breakdowns occur.

We swap equipment in the field (while on a job and when convenient for the drilling operations) and replace it with a suitable substitute to ensure that deployed equipment is maintained on time and on schedule. Our central centrifuge repair facility in Red Deer, Alberta, combined with trained repair personnel, enable us to service our equipment to our exact standards and specifications.

Peak Performance Field Technicians

Our emphasis on service means we provide technicians who can handle all aspects of equipment operation and maintenance. Our progressive solids control training and mentoring programs provide our technicians with the ability to make appropriate maintenance and operational decisions on location. They focus on ensuring that our equipment is:

  • Properly maintained
  • Pre-checked prior to delivery
  • Set up and tested on site
  • Operated efficiently 24/7 (if requested by our customers)