At Clean Harbors, it’s not just the centrifuge that matters. Service and reliability are critical.

Centrifuge Reliability: Your Defense Against DowntimeTM

Unparalleled service and our Peak PerformanceTM proactive maintenance program ensure that the centrifuge selected for your job is in good working order.

Clean Harbors is one of the few, if not the only company, that has the internal capacity to maintain all of our centrifuges. A fully equipped machine shop and technical capabilities enable us to perform most repairs in house. Our well-maintained equipment consistently operates at a high level of efficiency because we don’t run it to failure. We regularly monitor how many hours our equipment has been operating, and when a centrifuge reaches its maintenance threshold, we replace it. This forethought significantly reduces equipment failures that may otherwise occur if the equipment is run too long. We ensure that our assets are maintained on time and on schedule. You can count on it.

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Centrifuges: Maximizing Efficiency

Diversity: A Range of Sizes & Capacities

Clean Harbors’ fleet of over 200 decanting centrifuges offers a wide range of units to accommodate all your drilling fluid separation and filtration needs―ranging from handling high volumes of abrasive solids to dewatering drilling mud or other slurries for solids disposal and fluid recovery. Our decanting centrifuges range in size from 14” diameter rotating assemblies that can process approximately ˝ cubic meter (132 gpm) per minute through to 20” diameter rotating assemblies that can process approximately 2 cubic meters (528 gpm) per minute.

Benefits: Increased Operational Efficiencies

  • Decreases drilling costs & waste volume
  • Comes in various sizes to meet your needs
  • Can optimize selected unit for maximum solids removal & barite recovery
  • Provides optimal torque control, high separation efficiency & high flow capacity
  • Maximized internal wear surfaces extend the unit’s operating life before a scheduled rebuild is necessary
  • Provides sufficient spare capacity within operations for quick change out if an unexpected breakdown occurs

Combinations: Equipment Package Advantages

Aside from the traditional stand-alone centrifuge stands, Clean Harbors maintains a large fleet of assets that combine a centrifuge stand with other equipment that is used as part of the drilling operation. These combination units allow for safe, efficient, cost-effective operations. 

The latest innovation is adding hydraulic functionality to our equipment, which allows the integrated centrifuge stand to be raised and lowered independently. The mounted centrifuges remain in their operating position, and there is no need for a picker unit to reposition them. (This is a requirement with the non-hydraulic equipment as the centrifuges are removed from the stand for transport.)

We offer various equipment with integrated stands including:

  • Single auger combo tank
  • Double auger combo tank
  • Hydraulic double auger combo tank
  • Super premix tank
  • Super floc tank

You'll benefit from a smaller equipment footprint with our combo units because they take up less space on the drilling location. Putting the centrifuge on top of the tank and stand enable us to use one truck–rather than two to three trucks–to move the equipment. And, with only one load to move, you'll minimize your trucking costs.

Centrifuges: Our Customer Service Commitment

We provide the best service possible to every customer. Our people are well trained and highly skilled. With our Peak Performance progressive training & mentoring programs, our technicians reduce safety incidents and are committed to service. They are dedicated to ensuring that equipment is properly maintained, pre-checked prior to delivery, delivered on time, set up, and tested on site. And, our asset and personnel tracking systems deliver well-documented processes for real-time tracking in the field. We are proud of our people, their attention to detail, and commitment to our customers.