Drilling Fluid Management Systems

When it comes to drilling fluid management, Clean Harbors has the equipment to safely and cost-effectively manage your specific application:

  • A patented, field-proven auger tank process for closed loop, sumpless drilling situations
  • Drilling Fluids Recovery System (DRFS) for recovering oil-based fluids & reducing drilling waste volume
  • Other fluid storage tanks for a variety of drilling fluid needs

Auger Tanks: Our Patented Process

Increase your drilling efficiency with Clean Harbors Peak PerformanceTM auger tanks. Our tanks’ advanced and unique design―including a patented settling tank with sloped walls and transverse baffles―ensures maximum retention time of the drilling fluids and aids in efficient separation and accumulation of flocculated solids. Concentrated solids that settle in the tank are fed to the centrifuges by an auger that is installed in the bottom of the tank. This feature enables centrifuges to operate at maximum efficiency and minimizes abrasion on pumps, motors, and drill string. The clean water that is recovered can be returned for reuse in the active mud system―reducing the amount of water consumed in the drilling process. And, using our auger tank in combination with our centrifuges results in true, measurable cost savings as well as maintenance of good environmental drilling practices.

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Auger Tanks: Maximizing Efficiency

Additional Benefits of Auger Tanks

  • Eliminates cost of sump preparation & cleanup
  • Reduces lease size & provides less disturbance to adjacent lands
  • Reduces vacuum truck costs
  • Reduces chemical & water consumption
  • Reduces solids in drilling fluid
  • Requires less volume to be processed by centrifuge
  • Results in less disposal volume for drilling mud

Additional Features of Auger Tanks

  • Settling tank with transverse baffles (increased tortuous path for fluid movement)
  • Hopper-style sloped tank walls
  • Material conveyor (auger) in bottom of tank
  • Built-in polymer mixing tank(s) on many units
  • Designed for winter operations (integral steam lines)
  • Combination units available with integral centrifuge stand

Drilling Fluids Recovery System: More Oil, Less Waste

Clean Harbors’ DRFS is a cost-effective system for recovering oil-based mud (OBM) that might otherwise be included in the drill cuttings waste generated during the drilling process. High-efficiency drying shakers mounted on fluid recovery containment tanks are the core of the DFRS. Drill cuttings discharged off of the rig shakers are further processed on the drying shakers to increase the amount of environmentally sensitive and high cost oil-based fluid recovered. This additional recovered fluid directly reduces the drilling costs as it can be re-used versus adding more new drilling fluid.  And, the costs associated with disposing of the oil covered cuttings are reduced with less solidification material needed―saving material, transportation, and landfill costs. The DFRS can also be equipped with a high pressure wash system, vacuum system, and shale bins to meet your site’s requirements.

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Drilling Fluids Managament Systems: Maximizing Efficiency

Additional Benefits of DFRS

  • Linear motion vibrators are capable of generating 5 Gs on the drying shaker
  • Screening area of 27.5 sq. ft.
  • Variety of screen mesh sizes maximizes efficiency with varied mud conditions
  • Adjustable deck angle optimizes retention time
  • Containment tank comes with sloped bottom & integral flush system
  • Submersible pump transfers drilling fluid back to the active mud system

Additional Features of DFRS

  • Recovers maximum drilling fluid volume for re-use in active system
  • Minimizes stabilizer (sawdust / fly ash) volumes
  • Minimizes waste volumes, saving transportation & landfill costs

And, using our auger tank in combination with our centrifuges results in true, measurable cost savings as well as maintenance of good environmental drilling practices.

Fluid Storage Tanks: Variety of Options

Premix Tanks

Clean Harbors Surface Rentals offers a variety of premix tanks to mix and store drilling fluid. The differences in our premix assets are the number of compartments and their capacities. The smallest premix tank has a single compartment with a capacity of 250 bbls, and the configurations range up to three compartment tanks with a combined capacity of 500 bbls. All of the premix tanks can be fitted with a polyshear to aid in mixing the additives. Some of the tanks can be fitted with a shaker as part of the fluid management process.

Premix tanks can be run by either a diesel or electric skid-mounted pumping unit and can be swapped between the two options.

Additional Features of Premix Tanks

  • Sealed compartments with built-in agitators & mud row guns
  • Pumps to circulate the fluid in the tanks (or to pump the fluid over to another tank)
  • Mixing hoppers
  • Lighting inside & outside the tank
  • Tops that are working platforms with stairs to access & handrails
  • Built-in steam lines, which allow for heating during cold weather operations

Barite Recovery Tanks

During the drilling phase, drilling fluids may need to be weighted (adding barite into the mud system) or de-weighted (removing barite from a process called barite recovery). Our centrifuges efficiently recover barite by:

  1. Processing the drilling fluid from the active mud system in a primary centrifuge
  2. Passing the overflow (liquid) from the primary centrifuge to a secondary centrifuge where the processing is optimized to recover the weighted material
  3. Depositing the recovered barite in one of our barite recovery tanks
  4. Reintroducing the recovered barite into the mud system if and when required

Floc & Surface Tanks

Clean Harbors maintains a large number of floc and surface tanks to meet the challenge of any drilling operation. Our tank configurations vary in the number of compartments, size volumes, and suction outlets, ensuring that we can fulfill your drilling fluid requirements.

Total Reliability: Maintenance, Service & Training

Clean Harbors drilling fluid management systems also are backed by our Peak PerformanceTM proactive maintenance, progressive training & mentoring, and asset & personnel tracking programs. That means you can count on:

  • Well-maintained equipment–when & where you need it
  • Well-trained technicians who reduce safety incidents & deliver service
  • Well-documented processes for real-time tracking in the field