Surface Rental Equipment

When it comes to surface rental equipment, Clean Harbors is committed to nothing short of excellence. That’s why you can be assured of the reliability, durability, and safety of all our equipment when you pick it up at one of our locations or when it we deliver it to you.  

What Sets Apart Clean Harbors Surface Rental Equipment?

  • Strict turnaround inspections: Through our Peak Performance™ Maintenance Program, Clean Harbors closely manages of all our equipment and accessories. We carefully check every piece of equipment before it is rented and when it is returned. We inspect, wash, clean, and repair wear or damages so the equipment is always in safe and good working order when it arrives on your site. And, we can service most equipment in the field, if necessary.
  • Breadth of equipment: Working at a rig site requires a wide variety of equipment. Clean Harbors has vast resources and the right equipment to address your needs. We can supply most surface rental equipment needed along with solids control equipment, wellsite trailers, and wastewater treatment systems at your drilling locations.
  • Strong working relationships with other equipment vendors: Our commitment to integrity and high standards has resulted in long-standing business relationships with other vendors. We can subcontract equipment from these vendors on your behalf, simplify your paperwork, and provide you with one invoice.

And, if you need instruction on how to operate any of our equipment, we can help.

Here’s a Sampling of our Surface Rental Equipment

Tanks & Tank Farms

  • Blowback Tanks: Clean Harbors has over 300 blowback tanks with 30 m3, 38 m3, and 47 m3 capacities. Primarily used for fluid containment during the flowback/cleanup phase when new wells are brought onto production, these open-topped tanks can also be used as storage for fluids on well locations or at industrial sites.
  • Polymer Tanks: Our standard poly tank is a two-compartment unit and each component can hold 5 m3 of fluid. All tanks have built-in agitators, lights, and steam lines The polymer pumps feed pumps have Penta drive controls that allow for precise metering of the polymer mixture as it is fed into the drilling fluid.
  • Flare Tanks: We have 1, 2 & 3 stack versions. All have built-in degassers, fluid containment, remote ignition controls, and remote pump off lines.
  • 400 bbl Tanks: All tanks are built to the API12F specification, are well maintained, have integral steam lines, multiple 4” outlet valves, and a 3” fill line.
  • Tank Farms: Clean Harbors Surface Rentals high-quality tank farms consist of secondary containment; rig mats placed over the liner; 400 bbl tanks (agitated for heavier fluids, if needed); hoses/manifolds; pumps to circulate and transfer the fluids; line crossing to protect the hose; and large capacity fire extinguishers.

Fluid & Vacuum Systems

  • Enviro Vacuum Units: Surface Rentals vacuum units are contained within a skidded enclosure. With long suction hoses and attachments, the units can reach most areas around the drilling rig and can recover any spilled fluids.
  • Filter Units: Our Surface Rental trailer-mounted filter units are versatile, mobile, and easy to operate. Fitted with a filter vessel that can hold six filter socks, the unit can process large volumes of fluid (dependent on fluid being processed & associated solids content). Filter socks are available in numerous micron sizes and are easily changed for quick, convenient servicing.


  • Ash Bins: Ash bins provide safe and secure storage of ash residue that is generated in the incinerator units; they have five cubic yards of storage capacity within the steel enclosure.
  • Boiler Blowdown Tanks: Blowdown units ensure that the boiler runs cleaner and safer (no steam cloud, ice field, or melt hole) and has a minimal impact on the environment (no high ph water is on the ground). These units also conserve water, which results in less boiler chemical use and less fluid disposal.
  • Camp Garbage Bins: These 30-yard skidded waste storage bins have lids to keep the garbage inside and keep wildlife from getting in.
  • Enviro Rig Bins: These bins function as storage/segregation for different materials (metal, plastic, etc.) as well containment bins with drums (which are used for used oil, antifreeze, oil rags, etc.). They are typically used on drilling locations.
  • Flare Stacks: Our wheeled flare stacks provide a convenient, portable means of flaring off gases. Designed mainly for use with the flowback operations associated with coal-bed methane developments, the units are also used where there is a need to flare off compressed flammable gases in various situations.
  • Generators: Our generators come in numerous sizes and are designed for maximizing safety, easy use, and easy access. Most are skid-mounted enclosures with large capacity fuel tanks and distribution panels with a variety of receptacles. Some have built in light towers.
  • Incinerators: These diesel fired burner units provide reliable destruction of waste materials. The units have a large burning chamber that is refractory lined, blowers to ensure efficient burning of the refuse, fuel storage tank and pump, and flame arrested stack. The incinerators are skid mounted and the stacks fold down for easy transportation.
  • Light Towers: Our portable telescopic light towers are used for site illumination and, to some degree, power generation. We offer wheeled and skid mounted units in various sizes.
  • Rig Mats: Our rig mats are steel-framed, wood-filled, and measure either 8’ x 20’ or 8’ x 40’; some have lifting shackles.
  • Shale Bins: Our bins are available in low wall (3-4' wall) and high wall (7-8' wall) configurations.
  • Pumps: We have a large quantity of pumps in submersible, trash, feed & transfer configurations.
  • Wheeled Fire Extinguishers: Our easy-to-operate wheeled fire extinguishers are available in 150 & 350 lb. sizes.