Online Services Advantages

With a free Clean Harbors Online Services account, you can manage all your waste management activities including waste profiling, drum scheduling, management reports, on-site inventory, online tracking, and manifest and invoice viewing.  You can also become an administrator to manage the access rights of others in your organization.

With a free personalized online account you can

  • Create, view, edit and submit profiles for your waste electronically
  • Electronically schedule a pick up of your drummed waste and print a copy of your request for your records
  • View and print waste tracking reports, including certificates of disposal including RCRA and TSCA wastes
  • View and print signed manifest images
  • View and print invoice images
  • Create and manage your drum and lab pack inventory
  • Print shipping documents, including shipping labels, packing lists and manifests
  • View rolloff container activity
  • Become an administrator to manage user access rights

Using our online waste profile application, you can create, submit, edit and view all of your Clean Harbors waste profiles online.  Built-in logic assists users to easily maneuver through the application by providing Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) waste codes, state/provincial waste codes, shipping descriptions (Department of Transportation - DOT and Transportation of Dangerous Goods - TDG), and a Chemical Abstract (CAS) number based chemical database.  This paperless process utilizes an electronic signature feature, thereby streamlining the approval process.  You can even run and export profile reports in pdf and CSV formats.

The Drum Scheduling feature simplifies a drum pickup by enabling you to electronically schedule a pick up of drummed waste and print a copy of your request for your records.

This online feature enables you to conveniently schedule a drum pickup 24/7 while offering a more efficient process greatly reducing phone, fax, and email exchanges. Additionally, you can order replacement containers and supplies for delivery with your next waste shipment.

Waste tracking reports and Certificates of Disposal can be run on-demand, you have the ability to view, print or download your signed and received manifests for the waste you ship with Clean Harbors.

You can view and print your invoice images.

Our inventory management feature allows you to create your drum and lab pack inventory online.  Simply select your drums and schedule a drum pickup online.  Through the lifecycle of the shipment inventory, tracking is available.

Delivered rolloffs are viewable.

User Administrators have the ability to edit the rights of others.  The User Administrator can modify an individual’s default rights by adding or removing optional viewing rights.

Your account is customized to you and is also secure.  The information is confidential and only available to you through password protection.  Sign up today for your personalized online account.  sign up now